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The Market Timing Report Trading Course


From the desk of Andrew Pancholi

Dear Friends,


Whilst the professionals have always been more than happy with The Market Timing Report turning points, every now and then we would get an email from a private trader saying, “I really don’t know how to use this information.”

We had always maintained that you needed to have your own trading system. We realised that several of you do not.

So, we have created a course based on our very own trading system – the same system that we use for our fund – and we are now making this available to all of you.

The Market Timing Report trading course consists of the very best actionable techniques that I have come across my 30 year + journey. When we combine this together with risk management, we now have a very robust and easily executable trading system. 

This is the best of the very best.

Whilst the course is a stand-alone course, it does work exceptionally well when combined with timing signals.


These signals are the turning points derived from our histogram Profit Finding Oracle system.  Here is an example on the EUR USD. In this case it’s a monthly chart and projections are shown all the way into 2022.


Note there is a future spike coming up.

Such charts show us major forthcoming cycles. We can then use daily cycles as listed in The Market Timing Report to fine tune these dates.


Historically we have provided this information to a handful of hedge funds and institutions. They used these timing points along with their own analysis and views. They were and are very happy with this distinct edge. I personally worked with a very well-known billionaire and his team.


With this future knowledge of potential future reversals, we gain a significant advantage as readers of The Market Timing Report already know. 


When the time cycle is in play, we are able to not only seek exit positions close to potential highs or lows, we can also seek and execute very low risk high reward trades. This enables you to cash in profits before swings are taken out. If you are a portfolio manager, you can hedge positions a lot more effectively.


The course is designed for every level of trader from absolute novice to professional fund manager. In fact, you will learn the exact techniques that a particular fund is using very successfully.


Not only that, you will learn the long term cycles that allow you to forecast booms and busts. This doesn’t just apply to the stock market but also the commodity markets.


There are well over 30 modules included and we are adding more each week.


You will know how to forecast potential price targets. Additionally, you will also learn a technique that highlights potential final highs or lows prior to major reversals coming in.


When this occurs together with a time cycle, you get a very high probability setup either to exit the trade you are already in or to potentially start looking for an entry point on the reversal.


Risk management is the key to all trading. Many consider this to be very boring. However, to be successful you must master the ability to manage risk.

This is covered in several modules. In order to be able to calculate advantageous risk reward ratios, we also need to be able to forecast potential targets or at least initial targets. We explain this at length.


One of the most important features of the course is that we always let the market prove to us exactly what it is doing. We do not confuse analysis with trading. We do not try to trade a prediction. We show you the tools and techniques that keep you safe.


The system is a stand-alone trading system that will serve you very well.  You can use it alongside The Market Timing Report and grain reports.


In fact, it works on all instruments - from stocks to commodities to FX as well as cryptocurrencies.


In the course we work through how to use the various techniques in real time with our monthly report and grain reports.





  • Modules 1-12

    Modules 1 through 12 explain all the key long-term cycles. They will show you how commodity and stock market booms occur and when to expect major changes. This section alone is worth the price of the entire course.

  • Modules 14 & 15

    Modules 14 and 15 cover trends.

  • Modules 16 - 18 

    Module 16 to 18 show you the techniques for projecting price targets including a rarely known technique for determining a final high or low.

  • Modules 19 - 32

    The final modules show you how to put all this together.

This is a culmination of 30 years of our work. It delivers a clear concise and very actionable trading system.


  • Clear straightforward actionable techniques

  • Techniques that work on all instruments

  • Techniques that work on all timeframes

  • There is no need to be sitting in front of a trading screen

  • Precise money management techniques

  • Exact entry and exit points

  • Place orders & let the market do the work for you

  • Let the market make you money whilst you enjoy life

  • Little-known system for projecting final highs and lows within any given timeframe

  • Techniques from over 30 years of research and application

  • The very same system used in our fund management

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system

  • Becomes even more effective when combined with market timing

  • The best of the very best

All sales full and final. This is a one off promotion with no refunds

Thank you for offering the MTR Trading Course and for providing the follow-up Q&A session. I have taken many trading courses over my trading career, and In my opinion, the MTR Trading Course is among the best that I have completed. More importantly, your course is reasonably priced which makes it the by far the best in value.

You are most exceptional in your ability to explain and teach the techniques found within the course. The course material is well organized and logically presented. It is obvious to me that teaching is one of your passions, and I am grateful that you have chosen to share your extensive knowledge. I am very happy that I made the purchase.

- Eric P.

"Wow! Many many thanks.


Based on the [information] I bought puts on SPY with massive returns. 

First was on the 6th of Feb, an at the money put with an expiry of Feb 21 for a $600+ profit.


Second was entered on the 20th of Feb, a 338 put on SPY with an expiry of Feb 28 at 1.83/contract. I only bought 1 contract. I closed my position today and sold the put for $19.57. I paid $183.00 and made $1,772.00 for one contract. Commission was $2.28 round turn.


This is my second month with your service. Definitely well worth the investment.


Thank you so much. I am immensely grateful for the knowledge you are willing to share"


- G.B.L., United States of America

I have been a follower of Andy’s cycle analytics for many years and I find them very helpful in positioning my portfolio in the markets. The 90 year cycle has been very important, especially given the longest bull market in history and the fact that the ‘elastic band of the markets’ was already very stretched, and Andy’s work enabled me to remain alert get mainly into cash before the markets turned. Knowing when cycles are likely to occur is essential trade decision assistance information and part of a balanced approach to the markets. Thanks for your knowledge and your great work Andy!  

John Morris, FX Blue

I have followed Andy’s work for 18 months now and I am astounded by his knowledge of the markets, in particular the analysis of economic cycles. It has completely changed my outlook on trading for the better, from the analysis of the charts to the execution of the trade. I now use a combination of market cycles, chart geometry, Andrew’s Pitchforks and Commitment of Traders data. I feel that I have much more probability on my side, which is the aim of the game! The MTR Trading Course is the best and most executable system I have ever seen. I have made significant returns with safe risk management.” 

- Dr Richard Malloch

I wanted to share with you and your team the success that I’ve been having since implementing your system and your Market Timing Report.


I’m very thrilled to share that over two days, I paid for your entire course and one years subscription through commodities trading and following the system. It was huge!


However, it doesn’t end there. Through your risk mitigation strategies, I was able to protect myself when the market turned a few months later. It was a game changer that previously would’ve sunk me.


As a beginner in the trading realm, I’ve only ever had bad outcomes and muddling through which resulted in losses after losses. So, I stopped trading in frustration. However, your trading system and your monthly reports (plus words of wisdom) have enabled me to take control of my trading and investments.


I highly recommend your course, your system and your market trading reports to those who are serious about taking control of their financial success.


With appreciation and gratitude!

- Ketan from Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

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