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Dear Friends,


How would your trading and investing be improved if you knew, with confidence...

  • When a market is about to turn
  • When a trend is likely to continue.
  • Which markets to focus on
  • What the smart money is doing
  • When capitulation may take place
  • High probability seasonal trades
  • When the seasonal trades are going to work the best 


You have proprietary weekly time cycles on the Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc as well as S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, Dollar Index and Bitcoin.

Will this information be useful to you?


What The Professionals Know & How They Use It

How The Smartest People Make Significant Profits


Professional traders know that there is no Holy Grail to making money.


They also know that success in trading and investment comes through getting the odds on your side.


For years, you have been asking us for access to the market intelligence we use.


We have now created the "Master Traders Course" that comes along with "The Professional Traders Platform".


Our focus is on identifying high probability setups in order to minimise risk and maximise profit.


How do we do this?


We combine 3 of the most powerful sources to truly get the odds on our side. These are:


  • Power Resource 1 - Advanced Seasonality

    The natural patterns that enhance trading

  • Power Resource 2 - Commitment Of Traders Data

    Knowing what the smart money is doing. Following the professionals who move markets

  • Power Resource 3 - Weekly Time Cycles on 6 Additional Instruments

    Without doubt the most powerful part of this platform. Only we have this data from our proprietary system and hedge funds have been buying this alone for five figure sums. As subscribers of The Market Timing Report, you are already receiving the weekly cycles on S&P500, Gold, Crude Oil, EURUSD, Dollar Index and Bitcoin.

  • Power Resource 4 - Access To Monthly Power Calls by Andrew Pancholi

    Access the recordings of all monthly Power Calls conducted by Andrew Pancholi with industry experts, and the chance to submit your questions before the call & get them answered by Andrew and his guests!


Let's dive in a little deeper...


Power Resource 1

Advanced Seasonality

Seasonality is the average path of the market throughout the course of the year. We can get a lot of information out of this and many traders use this.

However, we have raised the game – we have improved our seasonality profiles using a proprietary system. This makes them significantly more powerful. We explain how this is done within the course.


Take a look at this chart of crude oil.

The blue line is the path of seasonality and during the year averaged since 1984. You can clearly see that oil tends to make lows in February and highs in May as well as October.


However, this is not always the case. Sure, you will more than likely make money just trading these long cycles. But we’ve added our proprietary seasonality which shows us areas when the seasonal cycle is going to work at its best.

In this following chart we are comparing the regular seasonal cycle with our own proprietary seasonal cycle chart.

Take a look at the area within the red circle. The blue line (path of normal seasonality) continues up whereas our gold line proprietary seasonal cycle comes down. A simple way of explaining this is that this is not a reliable seasonal trade area.

We dramatically increase the odds of being successful in seasonal trading when we trade the areas where the both the blue and gold lines move in the same direction. These are shown within the green sectors.
It’s a simple as that!

The Professional Traders Platform has these patterns for over 40 different instruments.
This provides you with a distinct advantage right out of the gate.

You can trade on this methodology alone. However we can enhance this and get the odds even closer on our side by looking at what the smart money is doing.


Power Resource 2

Commitment Of Traders Data

Every week, the US government requires that all trading positions are reported on a weekly basis. These reporting groups are broken down into 3 categories.

Putting it simply, we can identify what the smart money is doing and follow them. We also get clues from the other categories.

This is fully explained in the CoT course.

A brief explanation is as follows:

“Commercials” are the group of people that drive the market. They effectively dictate what’s going on.

Why is this?

It is because they are usually producers or users of the commodity or instrument. They usually account for at least 60% of the market. By following what they do we are effectively capturing the major trends AND reversals. When these people get to extremes of buying or selling, we know a change in trend is very likely. If they believe a commodity is priced too cheaply they will start buying it and equally if they believe a commodity is too expensive then they will sell it. Our Professional Traders Platform alerts us to when these potential changes are going to occur.

The other group of people that we are interested in are the “Non-Commercials”. These people are big trend followers. They will be wrong at the beginning and end of trends. However they can also provide us with trend confirmation signals.

The platform is not just an import of the Commitment of Traders data from the government website. It breaks the data down into incisive information from which clear decisions can be made.

Here are just a few of the many insights explained in the 19 modules of the CoT Trading Course.

Using our very own COT Index, we are able to identify when markets are reaching extremes of moves.

This is how we are forewarned of impending change. 

Take a look at this shot from our platform.

On the right hand side you will note two red squares. The higher one shows a reading of 100 and the lower one shows a reading of 0.

Now observe the green index line in the lower half of the image. 

This is our COT Index. 

When it hits a reading of 100 we enter the buy zone. This is when the commercials have reached an extreme of activity. So the market is now highly likely to head up. This is fully explained in the course. Conversely, when the index hits a reading of 0 we are in the sell zone. Commercial activity is exhausted at the opposite extreme and the market is likely to head down. Observe the green and purple circles.

The primary focus is to protect existing positions running into these windows and seek profit taking targets.
We then use other factors to confirm potential trend change and deploy the appropriate techniques to establish risk reward ratios and entry exit techniques to capitalise on reversals. This is further enhanced with the use of seasonals as well as time cycles.

To make life easier we display these every week in the Cot Index Grid.

Where we see three sets of numbers all close to 0 or 100 we get flashing alerts as shown by the red boxed areas. These are the markets that are about to potentially reverse.

This saves you having to wade through masses of CoT data.

You can immediately recognise which markets to focus on.

Also highlighted are extreme moves which are circled in yellow again showing us where to look for potential trading opportunities. Again this is fully explained in the course.

The platform also allows us to recognise trend confirmation signals as well as potential reversals. These flash on a separate page:

The page above highlights substantial changes in net positions between the different categories of traders. When this occurs, we get important indications of either trend continuation or potential reversal.

Any extreme changes in positions are highlighted in the yellow circles and again suggest potential new trends in the making.

These are just a few of the key features of our Professional Traders Platform - alert us to markets that may be on the verge of moving. It allows us to act on what the smart money is doing.


Power Resource 3

6 Additional Sets Of Weekly Time Cycles

Most of you are already fully aware of the powerful effect of our Profit Finding Oracle Histograms. These track the DNA of the market and are laser guided in identifying future turning points. They are the basis of The Market Timing Report.


Subscribers of The Market Timing Report will already receive the weekly cycles on S&P500, Oil, Gold, EURUSD, Dollar Index and Bitcoin.

In addition to the 6 markets that are covered in depth in the The Market Timing Report, we are adding weekly cycles for 6 FX instruments – AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, JPY and NZD. These will help fine tune potential turning points from both our advanced seasonality module and also the Commitment of Traders Data. COT data is released weekly and hence we are providing weekly cycles.

These are the most important and accurate forecasting tools available. They are derived from our cycles analysis system and are not available anywhere else. People and institutions have paid 5 figure sums to access these turning point dates.

For those of you that are not familiar with this extraordinarily accurate data, take a look at this weekly chart of the British Pound – GBP.

Where the histograms spike – as shown by the vertical blue arrows – you will see significant changes in trend. These are forecast in advance. In the chart above you will see to future spikes in these dates will be made available to subscribers to the Master Traders Course and Professional Traders Platform.


They greatly enhance the accuracy of timing the markets and are extremely powerful when combined with both seasonality and COT data.

These cycle dates will be delivered by email to subscribers. 


Any one of these single Power Resources will give you, as a serious trader, a distinct advantage.

Being able to combine all 3 techniques really does get the odds on your side.

You will have all this information at your fingertips.

This is the same knowledge that professional traders deploy and exactly what we use in running our fund.

A word of caution – this is not for everyone. This is only for people who are prepared to put the work in to make this knowledge their own and in so doing, desire to take control of their own financial destiny.

The content of the Master Traders Course and Professional Traders Platform is especially powerful when combined with The Market Timing Report Trading Course (MTRTC). The MTRTC teaches you strict money management rules together with the very best techniques in trading and investing. Many of you have studied this course already. You already know how to clearly identify market entry points. You also know what your initial price targets are going to be. One of the most valuable part of this course is knowing how to project a potential final price target for a move. These are the exact same techniques we use to run our fund with. 

As well as these 3 Power Resources, we have added a series of bonus items.

These are:


Advanced Seasonality Cross Rates On:

  • AUD

  • GBP

  • CAD

  • EUR

  • JPY

  • NZD

  • CHF

  • US Presidential Year Cycles 

  • Stock Index Seasonality

  • US Sector Seasonality


You get access to the following:

  • Course on Seasonal Trading

    3 Modules that explain Seasonal Trading

  • Seasonal Market Trends

    Seasonal trends across the markets listed below - 40 brief modules

  • Commitment Of Traders Data Course

    Course on Commitment of Traders Data – 19 modules

  • Bonus Items

    • Advanced Seasonality Cross rates 
    • US Presidential Year Cycles
    • Stock Index Seasonality
    • US Sector Seasonality
  • Access To Monthly Power Calls

    Access to call recordings to Monthly Power Calls conducted by Andrew Pancholi & the chance to submit your questions & get them answered by Andrew and his guests!

We genuinely believe that The Master Traders Course and Professional Traders Platform is the most valuable system we have ever created. We have invested substantially in developing this platform that will allow you to rapidly analyse a wide range of markets in an efficient manner.  

It will enable you to find opportunities that most traders will miss. You will also be alert to them much sooner than most. This in turns vastly improves your risk management. 

We are strictly limiting the number of people that will be permitted to access this platform.

Last year we worked with a small number of people to develop this program  - they paid over $22,000.00 each. Many of them have made several times this amount over.

We want to make this affordable to those of you who are prepared to commit to learning these advanced trading and fund management techniques and so will be making The Master Traders Course and Professional Traders Platform available for $3995 for the first year. After 12 months the cost of access to the platform and time cycles will be $199 per month.


You can cancel at the end of the first year if you feel that this course, the advanced seasonality profiles, Cot Platform and proprietary time cycles have not been of value to you.         

You can now access the entire platform right now for US$3,995.00 for the first year​


Thereafter, $199 / month

thereafter $199 / m from the second year onwards​

I have followed Andy’s work for 18 months now and I am astounded by his knowledge of the markets, in particular the analysis of economic cycles. It has completely changed my outlook on trading for the better, from the analysis of the charts to the execution of the trade. I now use a combination of market cycles, chart geometry, Andrew’s Pitchforks and Commitment of Traders data. I feel that I have much more probability on my side, which is the aim of the game! The MTR Trading Course is the best and most executable system I have ever seen. I have made significant returns with safe risk management.” 

- Dr Richard Malloch

I have been a follower of Andy’s cycle analytics for many years and I find them very helpful in positioning my portfolio in the markets. The 90 year cycle has been very important, especially given the longest bull market in history and the fact that the ‘elastic band of the markets’ was already very stretched, and Andy’s work enabled me to remain alert get mainly into cash before the markets turned. Knowing when cycles are likely to occur is essential trade decision assistance information and part of a balanced approach to the markets. Thanks for your knowledge and your great work Andy!  

John Morris, FX Blue

Thank you for offering the MTR Trading Course and for providing the follow-up Q&A session. I have taken many trading courses over my trading career, and In my opinion, the MTR Trading Course is among the best that I have completed. More importantly, your course is reasonably priced which makes it the by far the best in value.

You are most exceptional in your ability to explain and teach the techniques found within the course. The course material is well organized and logically presented. It is obvious to me that teaching is one of your passions, and I am grateful that you have chosen to share your extensive knowledge. I am very happy that I made the purchase.

- Eric P.

Instruments Covered

The platform has full Advanced Seasonality and Commitments of Traders data for the following instruments:

  • Australian Dollar

  • British Pound Sterling

  • New Zealand Dollar

  • Swiss Franc

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Japanese Yen

  • Euro

  • Mexican Peso

  • Copper

  • Gold

  • Palladium

  • Platinum

  • Heating Oil

  • Crude Oil

  • Gasoline

  • Natural Gas

  • Sugar

  • Lean Hogs

  • Live Cattle

  • E-Mini Dow 30

  • E-Mini NASDAQ 100

  • E-Mini S&P500

  • US Dollar Index

  • VIX Futures

  • 10 Year US Treasury Notes

  • 5 Year US Treasury Notes

  • US Treasury Bonds

  • Chicago Wheat

  • Kansas City Wheat (HRW)

  • Minneapolis Wheat (HRS)

  • Rough Rice

  • Soybean Meal

  • Soybean Oil

  • Soybeans

  • Cocoa

  • Coffee

  • Cotton

  • Orange Juice

  • Random Length Lumber


Bonus Items

We also feature:

US Presidential Year Cycles On

  • S&P500

  • Crude Oil

  • Euro

  • British Pound

  • Australian Dollar

  • Japanese Yen

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • US 10 Year Notes

US Sector Seasonality

  • Consumer Discretionary

  • Consumer Staples

  • Energy

  • Financials

  • Healthcare

  • Industrials

  • Materials

  • Utilities

  • Technology

Stock Index Seasonality

  • S&P500

  • VIX Futures

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average

  • NASDAQ 100

  • French CAC

  • Japanese Nikkei

  • Hong Kong Hang Seng

  • Australian All Ordinaries

Proprietary Weekly "Profit Finding Oracle" Time Cycles On

  • Australian Dollar

  • British Pound

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Euro

  • Japanese Yen

  • New Zealand Dollar

  • Swiss Franc


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thereafter $199 / m from the second year onwards​

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  • The price includes one year subscription to the Master Traders Course and Professional Platform.
  • Thereafter, this renews at USD$199 per month.
  • The Commitments of Traders data is provided by the CFTC and issued weekly on Fridays. We cannot be held responsible for any data outages created by the CFTC/US government.
  • All sales are full and final - due to the nature of the materials contained within we are unable to offer any refunds on purchases. Please contact us to get your questions answered in advanced to determine if this is a good fit for you.
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