What You Need To Know About The Forthcoming Moves In Grain Markets

Mathematical Timing Without The Guesswork


The Harsh Reality Behind Commodity Markets

In fact, taking the Soybean reports, these were the turning points that were forecast. 


In the chart below the master report identified, IN ADVANCE, the main monthly cycles shown by blue lines. The weekly turns are shown by the arrows. Daily turn points in the monthly updates are shown by the blue dots.

Looking at Oct 2019 see how we have a blue monthly cycle combining with a weekly turn point and also a daily cycle. Circled in

This created a very high probability set up. A major high came in. Also circled in red.

Now look at July 2020 see how a blue monthly cycle combining with a weekly turn point and also a daily cycle. This heralds the huge rally.


Our advanced system generates forecast curves. 

These are highly effective when combined with the turn point indicators shown on the previous charts.



How would this help you when combined with your trading system?




  •  Annual Forecast Curve providing roadmaps.

  •  Updated Monthly - with daily turning points.

  •  HIGH PROBABILITY SEASONAL TRADES aligning with this years forecast


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Following numerous requests from readers of The Market Timing Report we have decided to release them to our loyal subscribers.


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