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The 2020 - 2021 Grain Reports are now available for download.

Mathematical Timing Without The Guesswork


From the desk of Andrew Pancholi.

London, UK.

24th September, 2020

Dear Readers,


The 2019-2020 Grain Reports provided incredibly accurate forecasts for those fortunate enough to have had them as you will see below. 


As traders and investors, we know that significant opportunities exist across a series of markets. This is particularly true for 2020-2021 when we see major cycles coming in - some within the next few weeks. 


So if this is of interest to you then please don't delay.

The Harsh Reality Behind Commodity Markets

Commodity markets are prone to trending and that is where the money can be made. Or lost.


However, timing the beginning and ending of moves can be difficult and this can mean the difference between great profits and small returns or worse. Especially if you give back a big part of what you already had "in the bag."


For Hedgers, this information can help optimise option management as well as other techniques.


Following the ongoing success of The Market Timing Report and many requests from yourselves, we are pleased to be launching our 2020-21 Timing Reports on Soybeans, Wheat and Corn. 


These reports cover the major turning points that we see coming up from our Cycles Analysis System - this is the same system that identified the collapse of the Euro, the rise of Oil, Brexit as well as the US S&P500 equity tops & bottoms.


In the these reports, we apply our systems to the grain markets.


Let's take a look and see what happened previously in our 2018 - 2019 reports.


The real focus is on timing the turns. The chart below shows all the turning points we identified in advance. The horizontal red lines show the macro turning points. The blue circles are the intermediate turning points, and the small red arrows show the daily turning points. You can see how these have called every major reversal in the corn market.


Look at May 2019. You will see that we had a macro turn shown by the horizontal line, a weekly turn by the blue circle and the daily turn indicated by the small red arrow.


The three timing points coming together enabled us to participate in the massive move that followed.


Could this add value to your trading, investing or hedging system?


These turns are derived from our PFO - Profit Finding Oracle - indicators. This allows us to fine tune the turning points.


When the histograms spike, we can see the market has a high probability of changing trend.


Here is just one PFO histogram set that we use on soybeans.


See how the red arrows on the histogram peaks line up with turns in the market.
The yellow arrows are forecasting future turning.


We use different sets of these in different time frames to identify turning points down to within a day or two.

Putting all this all together really gives us an edge.


Would this information be valuable to you? This phenomenally accurate timing system is the output from a multi-million dollar system that was previously only made available to major banks, funds and institutions. You can now access this for a fraction of the price.



How would this help you when combined with your trading system?




  •  Annual Forecast Curve providing roadmaps.

  • Major Turning Points for 2020 to July 2021 in Master Report generated from the Cycles Analysis Profit Finding Oracle system. These provide specific high probability turning point dates.
 Daily percentage probabilities.

  •  Updated Monthly - with daily turning points.

  •  Daily Percentage Probabilities & Seasonal set ups.

  •  HIGH PROBABILITY SEASONAL TRADES aligning with this years forecast


Many subscribers to The Market Timing Report have been requesting this information. 


Historically these reports have been made available to Funds and Institutions for FIVE FIGURE sums. 


Following numerous requests from readers of The Market Timing Report we have decided to release them to our loyal subscribers. 


For a limited time period all three reports can be purchased for a special 50% discount of US$2997.


Due to the nature of the information, all sales are final and no refunds are permitted. 


This is a condition of sale.

"I have purchased Andrew's Corn, Wheat, and Soybean reports for the last two years and have already prepaid for the 2019 reports. His major turning points are truly amazing. I have made in profits many times the cost of these reports."

- Chris Long, Hedger and Trader


“I believe you get what you pay for and you have a superior product. There are others that try to do what you do but they miss the target so many times. This is as good as it gets for analysis.” 

- Chris Fletchall, Hedger and Trader, USA


“I’ve known Andrew for a number of years. He knows cycles better than anybody I’ve ever met, and I’ve studied cycles all my life” 

- Harry S Dent, Renowned Forecaster and New York Times Best Selling Author


“Andrew Pancholi’s Market Timing Report is consistently the most accurate cycles forecast there is for traders of major markets”

- Peter Temple, Futurist - Speaker - Cycles Expert, World Cycles Institute

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